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It seems like everyone is sewing at the moment. There are sewing magazines and books everywhere and the fabric in the shops is just delicious. But what if you cannot sew? What if you don't have someone to teach you? What if you cannot afford lessons? What if you cannot leave the house to go to them? What if you cannot afford a teacher?

Hard luck as a rule! This has been on my mind for a while now. There are people on a tight budget, carers, those living in isolated areas. A teacher is not always easy to get to. Not everyone has a Mother who can sew. There was a gap here that needed to be filled!

I set about filling it and I wanted to use a format that meant that you had your teacher come to your house. And you could rewind her a thousand times if you did not understand something. And she would come to your house at ten o'clock on a Sunday evening because that was when you had the time to sew.

None of this leaving your home and driving fourteen miles in the snow right when the children needed a bath! The teacher had to come to you and wait until you were ready and all for no extra cost.

Now you can see why Scrappy Patch Mats is an eBook - it has text to read, pictures to illustrate and then videos to watch. And instructions in the front on how to make it all work.

So why mats? I don't want to learn how to make a mat! Well, I used mats to illustrate what you would be learning. Mats take tiny amounts of fabric, they are easy to do and they make you feel wonderful when you achieve something. And they illustrate the points perfectly along the way. Oh...and they are pretty!

So what WILL I learn then? Have a look at the contents for yourself....

See what I mean, the mats are just sort of, there. I could have chosen 3D space ships or king sized quilts too but I didn't think that you would thank me for that!

This book is for the rawest rookie on the planet. It shows you how to thread a needle. If you ever dreaded asking a 'stupid' question in class, don't. This book will get all of that out of the way in your own home and no-one will ever know! Oh and by the way, there are no stupid questions and you can just bet money that someone else was so happy that you had asked.

Would you like a sample page to read so that you can see how I teach? Have a look at this...

I like to keep a light and easy to follow style in my writing. If you are a regular on my blog, you will know what I mean. I don't do boring. I want you to feel that I am right there with you and guiding you every step of the way. 

Learning is fun and if it is convenient and cheap too, we may have a deal! Although this is a course, there are no ongoing fees. Just one low price to buy the book and then it is yours forever. You have the choice of a download or a CD - tell you what, why don't you have a look for yourself and you will see what I mean.

Here is the link to get you to the store. There are more planned in this series too so watch this space. If you have any ordering difficulty at all, let me know at

I will do all that I can to help you. 

Happy Sewing!